Truth is not a mere abstraction or just some”thing”.  The truth is somebody.  The Truth has a name, and it is Jesus Christ.

That is what I always try to remember before I come up with any idea for a post.  In Catechesis, it is Christ, the Incarnate Word, who is taught.  Everything else is taught in reference to Him. It is Christ alone who teaches.  There is only one teacher.  The only one competent to teach Jesus – is Jesus himself.  For that reason, Catechesis, and this blog, is more of a spiritual work than an academic work.  These teachings are not mine but are of the one who sent me.

The goal of this blog is, I guess you could say, to further catechize the children of God.  It is humbling to remember that all of you readers are the Father’s Children made in the image and likeness of God…kind of like tabernacles of the Lord.  It is humbling to share the faith, even a little bit.

More specifically, my goal is to echo back faithfully the Magisterial teachings of the Church always keeping Christ at the center of any post and any idea. There are no new teachings here.  The original idea for this blog was to repackage and re-present the 2,000 year old teachings of the Church so that some of the teachings are a little more relatable and understandable for young people living in the current culture.  But at the same time, there is always more with God.  He is infinite.  We can always penetrate the depths a little more.  There are no boundaries with God.

There is an urgency in today’s cultre to form Christians that know God, because when you know him you will fall in love with him – and then you will want to serve him – and then you will be happy with him in Heaven for all eternity.  The word of God is pure potency.  God is pure act and there is no potential in God. He is pure dynamism and pure power. When we interiorize the word of God, and live it, we are given supernatural life. We need to assimilate it and then pass it on.  It is my goal to help people, in just a very small way, to come to realize this again.  I hope that all of you (and myself) are always striving to better understand the faith, to enter deeper into Jesus every day, and to love him more.  I want to more seriously long for Him, desire His love, reach out for Him, and interiorize the Truth

That said, in order to teach Jesus, I need to decrease so that He might increase.  One day, I hope to be able to truly say that it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives within me.   Please pray for me that I can do that.

God Bless!



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